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C. B.
I was a mass - hormones, gut and weight I could not loss weight for so many years. I thought I'm premenstrual, not balanced hormonally. Found out I have candida, food sensitivity to white eggs and dairy. My ability to digest food declined and I was measurable. It took us 7 to 10 months to get rid of the candida, close nutrients, deficiencies and losing weight (13 pounds). Chen is a true professional, extremely knowledgeable, doing functional nutrition (which is SO different from anything I knew before). Thanks you for being there for me.
My thyroid got better. Lost 17 pounds so far :) I contact Mor's Nutrition and more to lose weight. I did not know that my low thyroid and medications can slowed my metabolism. Chen was amazing supporting my thyroid gland nutritionally, balanced my ability to digest food and in the end losing weight. I feel much better, balanced and thankful for this lifestyle journey.
Highly recomended.
Lost 20 pounds in 8 mounths Great experience, learned so much about food and nutrition. I gained back my energy, improved sleep, balanced my hormones. 
The support and the knowledge shared was extraordinary.
Worth every penny.
Lost 15 pounds in 4 mounts - Im so happy! I highly recommend Chen to anyone who wants to live a healthy life.

I have been fighting with weight issue for several years. I tried all kinds of different ways, low calorie diet, intense workout etc. All of them failed. I lost weight in the beginning and then gained weight back very soon. I felt it became harder and harder to lose weight and my health became even worse. My energy level was low and I easily felt tired.

After I took Chen's program, I eat more than before but I keep losing weight, which surprises me a lot. The weight loss is gradual and steady. My hair volume also got increased. Furthermore, I feel more energetic. Chen's program is mainly to help your body become healthier and then weight loss comes as a result. Chen truly cared about people. When I felt anxiety for craving for almonds, Chen helped me calm down, analyzed the problem I met and solved the issue.

15 pound down + balance my moody PMS I have been working with Chen for about 4 months both individually and in a group. Chen inspires me - she is full of energy and knows so much about food and it's impact on the body and the mind. She really manged to help me shift my relationship with  food from someone who saw food as an enemy to conquer to someone who enjoys food and sees it as a friend.
Here is what I got working with Chen: 
* Chen helped me organize around food and I even began cooking for me and my family - something that I haven't been able to incorporate before in spite of multiple efforts. 
* She helped me balance my moody PMS just via nutrition. 
* I lost my cravings for carbs and sugar 
* my skin cleared up
* I can follow hunger and fullness because I don't have many cravings
* I lost a few inches all around my body and especially around my waist :)
* I am full of energy
- Lost 25 pounds - Successful and unique program I have been working with Chen for  a little over 8 months. I started because I wanted to eat healthier  and cleaner with a secondary goal of loosing weight. Chen's philosophy is so different from all the other weight loss programs I have tried. She spends time getting to know you, reviewing your blood work and then developing a program that is right for you. 

In order to succeed with this plan you need to be willing to make lifestyle  changes. It took me a while but it has clicked  and is getting easier to follow.

I am now going through some health issues and Chen has been very supportive in adapting the program to the new challenges I am facing. I have done both the individual and group sessions  and they have both been very helpful. The free monthly lectures are an extra added bonus.

Her website with the many recipes are great. This is the only weight loss group program where every week Chen brings in food for you to taste so that you will try the new recipes with foods that fit into the plan that  you may not be familiar with.
If you want to make lifelong changes, feel better  and have more energy  then Chen is the program for you.
My eczema is gone - Skin and Nutrition Chen is the best! She is great professional! She made me feel like a welcomed friend from the first visit. I enjoyed every minute talking to her, she always listen very careful and give you best advice. I have problem skin. I changed so many dermatologists and cosmetologists, but was no result. So my friend advice me to see nutritionist. 

On my first appointment with Chen she listened me carefully and explained me what can cause my problem. I took blood test and it showed everything she told me about! You can see that she love what she is doing and know about it everything. 

Every time I leave my appointment with her I not only feel better, I was given a plan to follow for continued improvement.

And not only professionalism but she has great personality! So energetic and so positive, she is amazing! I can't thank enough for what she did for me!

Would recommend everyone!
"Mood was in tatters" - personalized nutritional My first visit with Chen was 5 months, and that visit changed my life ... I have thyroid problems and I felt awful. My body, my mind, my mood was in tatters. So, I took the decision to make an appointment with her to see if she could help me feel better. Chen is a surprising person, an excellent professional and she really knows what she's doing, and she does it very well.

She is not simply a nutritionist who will tell you what to eat and not eat; she goes far beyond, and she makes the everything tailored to your specific needs.

In the process she has been supporting me, giving me ideas and finding solutions together!

If you are looking for a personalized nutritional advice, give yourself the opportunity to visit Mor's Nutrition & More. I am quite sure that you will not regret it, and most importantly of all, is that your body will thank you through the process and you will notice the difference.
S. H.
Mood and weight - She's my miracle worker. When I first came to Chen I was a desperate broken individual, both mentally and physically. I had battled depression for many years but now my body was starting to wear down. I couldn't sleep, had aches everywhere and major digestive problems, to name a few. Of course my first stop was the doctor's office. What a joke that was. After taking medication after medication and given useless advice, I decided to try a nutritionist. I went through many websites and looked over tons of reviews and after several days on the computer I decided I would go with Chen. I went into her office a little skeptical and weary because "what could she tell me I haven't heard before" but within minutes of meeting her I knew I was at the right place. 

She asked me questions no other doctor had ever asked, like "stick out your tongue so I can see if you have white film on it", or "do you always get red rashes on your chest like you have now"? Just by those simple observations she was able to give me advice and start me on the right path to getting happy and healthy.

It hasn't been an easy road trying to break my bad habits and I have stumbled a time or two (many too count) but having a nutritionist that truly cares and believes in me has helped me during those times. 

I wouldn't be where I am today, happy and healthy, without Chen. 

She's my miracle worker.
Super great experience reducing my pain and joint inflammation! Chen is great has helped me a lot with my issues. Before i started with her i had so much more pain and joint inflammation. I had gone to Specialist and they wanted to put me on Medication so I refused after doing some research and finding out that the medication has made people worse than before so I found Chen made a consultation with her and got started. I was dealing with bloating,gas,joint pain and through knowledge and correct supplementation these issues are getting much better and i am much happier.

I definitely recommend Chen if you are truly looking to heal yourself.
My Cholesterol went down! I would highly recommend Chen for the following reasons;

1. Chen tries to see things in a big picture. She didn't give me a fix just for something which I consulted her for. She taught me a way of living (a healthy one :) ).

2. Chen is very knowledgeable person. From the sessions, I have learnt a lot of things from her. She explains things in a simple language that we can understand clearly.

3. Chen is very patient. Learning about how our body works and how different type of food impact us is totally new to me. At times I wouldn't understand it. Without any hesitation, Chen would repeat it and make me understand things clearly.

4. Her fee is affordable. And she is very transparent.

5. Chen has compiled lot of healthy and easy recipes.

6. Chen has experience working with doctors to treat their patients. This is one good reason why I am glad that I consulted her. 

7. Above all she is sweet and a very a good person to deal with.

These are the benefits that I personally feel after consulting with her;

1. I sleep like a baby. And I wake up without any tiredness in the morning.

2. I have learnt how to maintain my energy level up and stay active all day long.

3. I have learnt to listen to my body.

4. I have learnt lot of alternative foods. 

5. My memory has significantly improved.

6. My recent blood work shows lot of good changes. This means, even by science and numbers I can say that my body condition has improved.

On the whole I am really glad that I met Chen. I would happily recommend her to anyone.
Surprising outcomes - Food allergies that hold my weight! I highly recommend Chen. I went to her to figure out a better way to lose weight. Instead I learned about food allergies I had, and essentially how unhealthy my body had become without me realizing it. I have followed her plan for only a month now, and I feel more energetic, happier, and overall am much healthier. You will lose weight on her plan, I have lost plenty. However, its more about learning how to eat to make your body function at its best, so that you can feel your best. 
   On top of her program being beneficial, she is also very personable and easy to talk to. This makes the plan even easier to follow. Try it! :)
The best health care I've ever received! I'll make it short, as I know you prefer it this way:

Chen is a true professional. she's very knowledgable, compassionate and caring.
She's all about helping you get on track for a healthy life style.

IT'S NOT ABOUT LOSING 20LB IN 10 DAYS type of programs. 

Chen has a holistic approach to people and their lives. after a deep and long diagnostic process, she'll work with you to find how YOU can eat well, loose wait, and leave a better, more balanced life.

I've worked with her for a year. individual sessions, not the groups one.
I've lost 30LB. I sleep better, my glucose and cholesterol levels are balanced, and I feel great! 

Moreover - it's now 18 months later, and I've kept my weight. 

I made a major life change both for myself, and for my ENTIRE FAMILY. Chen taught me a lot.

IT WAS NOT EASY, NORE QUICK, but totally worth it, as I plan to be here for a long time!

The only problem with Chen is that she's sometimes have an availability issue. Since she's running a busy schedule, sometime it'll take her a while to get back to you. But eventually she will.
Outstanding experience - Highly efficient functional nutrition program I first came to Chen looking to lose weight. As I told her I just had a miscarriage and tend to mood swings, Chen said "let's get your hormones balanced first, and weight loss will come as a side effect".  I was willing to go along and soon became pregnant again :) I'm now almost due. I've gained less than 20 pounds over this whole pregnancy, all while feeling good and strong both physically and emotionally. 

I believe that my diet had a lot to do with this. 

Chen builds her program based on common sense, along with profound understanding of the underlying biochemistry involved in the weight loss process. With Chen there is no "one menu fits all" but rather a personalized plan cut out for you according to your likes, dislikes, and the healing your body needs at that moment. 

Chen's passion for her job comes through in every session, either group or on-on-one, and really helps to keep up the motivation in this process of weight loss and building new habits. 

I would recommend Chen for everyone who is looking to lose weight, as part of a wholesome approach to maintaining (or returning to) good health.
Healing my body not just losing weight! As a life-long dieter, I have tried just about every program out there and have worked with numerous nutritionists.  I am so grateful that a friend introduced me to Chen.  Rather than handing me a basic program to follow, Chen took the time to get to know me.  She reviewed my lab tests for the past several years.  She asked lots of questions so that she could understand how my body functions and how I respond to various foods.  Chen's basic premises are that each body is different and has different requirements and that nutrition is the key to good health.  If you are not open to making major changes in how you eat, Chen might not be the right person for you.  She is not about quick changes and rapid weight loss.  But, I am off almost all of my medications now and have never felt better.  While I haven't lost all the weight that I would like to, Chen is always gently reminding me that this is a process -that as I heal my body, more weight will come off.

Chen always goes the extra mile in serving her clients.  She offers terrific cooking classes.  My family loves the new recipes.  She is working with a relative of mine that lives several hours away by phone and asked me to drive with her to see my relative because she was concerned about her.  She actually calls you to see how you are doing if she has a concern.

In addition to private and group sessions, I have attended Chen's free monthly lectures.  I have been amazed to learn how nutrition is at the root of the problem and the cure for so many chronic issues facing our society.  Chen is a great resource whether you want to lose weight or just be healthier.
Digestive issues improved! Chen has changed the way I live, eat and conduct myself. Within the space of 6 months, I have improved the breadth of what I can eat (I could barely eat potatoes and dry chicken), completely controlled my sugar addiction (I would eat bags of candy), the stability of my day and the way I eat outside the house. She has taught me how to live a different and healthier way. Can't thank her enough.